Season Two Update: Smash Ultimate and Rocket League, and Veterans Role on Discord

Full Season Two details will begin rolling out as soon as school is back in session for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

In the meantime, we just wanted to be sure everyone knows which games to be practicing up on. The fall split, which will run from September 17th - November 17th, will feature 3v3 Rocket League on PC (console controllers welcome) and Smash Ultimate on Switch. After the semester break, we’ll be back in action with more Overwatch on PC in the spring semester culminating with another epic playoffs event at CyPhaCon.

If you’re super pumped and can’t wait to get on board, you can go ahead and register yourself for next season’s games on the event page.

Rocket League will be traditional team sport style matchups each week with your regular season record determining your seed in the playoffs. Smash will use a scoring system similar to a track meet, where players participate individually while at the same time scoring points for their school each week. We’ll explain it all in full detail once everyone is settled back in school.

Now that we’ve graduated a class of seniors, in order to maintain compliance with school system privacy policies, we must remove those former students from the channels for the current students and faculty. We will be creating a “Veterans” room on our Discord and giving any 2019 seniors the appropriate role permissions so they can continue to hang out with us on Discord! Thanks for playing seniors!