Scion eSports is recruiting.


Historically Scion eSports has been focused on providing high quality gaming events for Southwest Louisiana. We will always be 100% true to that vision. But now we’re adding a new facet to our business. We are looking for top quality players to put together competitive teams to participate in prized events under our banner. If you’re interested in being a Scion eSports sponsored team captain, here’s a little taste of the info you’ll need. Contact for full details.

Quick logistical requirements :

1: You MUST be at least 18 years old to apply.

2. You MUST live close enough that you’re willing and able to participate in-person as staff at up to four first-party Scion eSports events per year.

Quick overview of the job :

You will be responsible for interviewing/trying-out players and building the best, most competitive, most cohesive team possible. You will also be responsible for scheduling practices, choosing events to play at, including any prized online and LAN events, and coordinating travel and any other logistics necessary and managing the team’s budget. You will also generate consistent streaming content that carries Scion eSports branding.

The sponsorship package will be based on a contract that is customized to your specific situation, but in general it will include provisions for uniforms, hardware support, travel assistance, graphic design and publicity assistance, etc. The compensation will be a negotiated percentage of the team’s winnings.

Games we’re interested in :

1. Overwatch

2. Rocket League

3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4. League of Legends

5. Apex Legends

6. Fortnite

7. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

8. Hearthstone

9. Halo 5 / Master Chief Collection

10. World of Warcraft

Qualifications :

Each applicant will be considered individually on their merits, but in general we are looking for someone with an extensive and consistent history in the game they wish to compete in, a top tier in-game rank (i.e. Master’s League or Grandmaster’s League in Overwatch or equivalent), and enough contacts and connections in the game to be able to field a team of top-tier talent.

Interested? Leave a comment on this post, message us on facebook, DM @scionesports on twitter, or email us at to being the application process!