Season One is in the can. Thanks for a great inaugural year!

Great job everybody, or as we say in the old school, gg.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed muddling through this league with you all this year. Thank you for being patient with our shortcomings and helping us capitalize on our successes. We know it hasn’t been perfect but we’ve had a blast, and we hope you all have too. We’re truly humbled by the support we’ve received from all of our players, faculty sponsors, administrators, referees, and practice site coordinators.

Although this concludes our inaugural Overwatch season, it’s just the beginning of what we hope to do with high school eSports in our community. We encourage you to continue to use our Discord Server as a way to communicate with your club, your fans, and with us. We will certainly maintain open lines of communication as we plan for the future!

Give us a week or so to catch our breath and get some sleep and make sure none of us got fired from our day jobs and we’ll be back on the Discord with the first details about what’s to come! In the meantime check out this gallery of memories from the season. If anyone has pictures or video of the events that we could use for future promotional stuff we’d love to get our hands on it! Please email and we’ll figure out a way to get it from you and make sure you get credited anytime it gets used.

Corey Tarver