You're a car dealership, why video games?

The consumers that grew up in the information age represent a very unique and difficult to reach market.  They (if you're on this website there's a good chance the appropriate pronoun here is "you" as opposed to "they") are conditioned to ignore prices advertised on TV or radio commercials or billboards, or catchy slogans touting the best service after the sale.  They have to be reached differently. We at Lake Charles Toyota believe that the best way to reach a specific market of consumers is to connect with them on their terms. Scion eSports is an example of that philosophy... Giving a generation of gamers what they want: games.

 We have been producing gaming events in this area since 2011.  From shooters, to strategy, to fighting, to MOBAs, we've dabbled in everything.  We always do our best to put everything we have into each event we produce.  We want people to feel like they're at a world class event, we want to bring a MLG or WCS or LCS atmosphere right here to our community.  We're not perfect, but we are sincere in that desire.  Games are what we love, and we feel that with Scion eSports we've found a great way to connect with our community, and our potential customers.  And we try to do it all for free (unless we're trying to help raise money for a charity.)

How do you pay for all this?

At every Scion eSports event we make one sales pitch.  One.  We call it the "we also sell cars" speech.  Our only request is that when you have any automotive need, whether it be sales or service, you remember us and give us a chance to do business with you!  That way we can make enough money to keep producing awesome gaming events.

Why are you still called Scion eSports, didn't Toyota axe the Scion brand?

Yes they did, and we agree with the decision wholeheartedly.  The cars are good products, Toyota's strange way of marketing and selling them turned out to be more of an obstacle to customers than it was a benefit.  Now we have the same awesome products to sell, but we won't have to jump through a bunch of Scion "Pure Process" hoops to sell them.  That being said... we still kind of like the name, so we decided to keep it!  We've taken the opportunity to officially shorten it from Lake Charles Scion eSports to just Scion eSports so it rolls off the tongue better!


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