Twitch Channel Name Change

In the interests of brand recognition and ease of finding us, we’re transitioning our Twitch channel from ScionGorilla to scionesports. Due to Twitch’s polices this is a year long process. We’re currently in step two, which is after having change scionesports to scionbteam and then waited six months for scionesports to be released, we have changed the name of our main channel from ScionGorilla to scionesports. This will happen seamlessly for you if you follow us or are friends with us on Twitch, but any links to our Twitch channel will need to be updated manuallly. We’re in the process of updating all the links we have all over the interwebs to, so if you find one that is broken let us know and we’ll get it caught up. The final phase of the transition will be in early 2020 when ScionGorilla is released and we can then switch our second channel (currently scionbteam) to sciongorilla. Then all will be as it should be! Thanks for sticking with us while we get it all straight!

Towards the same end we also changed our Facebook @username from sciongorilla to scionesports. So any Facebook direct links should be changed to to reflect the new name.

Corey Tarver