Making the switch to YouTube

Due partially to some inconveniences and frustrations with the Twitch platform, but primarily to our realization of many features we like better, we’re moving our primary streaming presence to We aren’t going to destroy our Twitch channel, we will certainly still use it some, but our primary streams will be on YouTube from now on. Some of the benefits that caused us to make the switch are:

Potential to stream at much higher quality, i.e. up to 3840x2160 @60P 20Mb, as opposed to maxing out on Twitch at 1280x720 @60P 3.5Mb. We’re really excited about the prospect of being able to stream at high resolution. We will most likely be streaming at 1920x1080 @ 60P 9Mb, because that’s where we feel the sweet spot to be.

Automatic saving of VoDs, including views and comments. This is self explanatory. It was rather clunky to get the VoDs where you wanted them on Twitch, and there is no functionality for permanently saving content, other than downloading and re-uploading to YouTube.

Easier for multiple people to manage and/or stream to using their Google Account.

We feel like these features will allow us to give our viewers and fans a much better experience. We hope you agree!

Corey TarverComment